Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Creativity Project: 5 P.M.


5 P.M.
It seems more like an invitation to confession than a photography theme.
I have a love/hate relationship with 5 P.M.
It's the time I rise up out of my chair (or dash home in a tizzy)
and take inventory of the food supply.


I can't say there's no food.
But I can't necessarily figure out how to make a decent meal out of it.
Thankfully on this day, someone has made a request.
AND I have the ingredients.
(Insert happy dance.)


And the pot I need to make it?
Hmmm, still soaking after last night's soup.
Wasn't someone gonna take care of that?
Oh, yeah, it was me. Or I.
Either way, my job.


This day 5 P.M. turns out fine, as it does on most of the days.
The chicken and dumplings were pretty delicious.
In spite of that moment of panic.


And tomorrow?  Well at least we know there are pizza rolls in the freezer, if nothing else.
What was for supper at your house today?
I am really looking forward to circling through the other entries for 5 P.M.
at The Creativity Project.
(I am secretly hoping for some meal ideas.  But if not, there is Pinterest.)
Sharon Covert is next in the circle, and at her house someone else had a job to do at 5 P.M.
Her post is way more fun than mine!  Go there!
And we would love to know what 5 P.M. looks like in your world.
Post your entry on The Creativity Project on Facebook.


Life with Kaishon said...

I love your post, Tracy! I was going to take a picture of our fridge but it was so messy, I feared I would get a call from child services!

Your dumplings sound delicious. I need to come get some good cooking instruction from you!


Maddy said...

Your 5PM sounds like mine! I'm either stuck in traffic, being jumped on by two pups or trying to figure out what to make for dinner. LOL!

glaucia said...

5pm usually involves picking up the boys from their Aftershool activities, or going to a track meet. Cooking these days usually is done by my mom, and I'm finishing what she started. No creativity required. :(

/SBA said...

this was so super cute and accurate!

(love the photos, btw)

but i feel like this is every moms daily "mini-stress" and you captured it so perfectly, down to the "oh no, the pot i need is still dirty"!)

(every now and then i have the the vigor to prep my meal week, but with TWO 4 year olds, (mines and my fiancees, sometimes plans just do not work-out)

LOVE your post :)