Friday, September 12, 2014

The Creativity Project: Double Exposure


The September theme for The Creativity Project is 
Double Exposure.
I haven't done a whole lot with double exposures, 
but there are MANY ways to use them.
(I tried it one other time here to use one of the photos as a texture for the other.)
My zinnias are quickly fading,
so I took this one and put it over an out of focus image of my cleome.
Pretty soon my garden will be just a dream again.


Do you know which of these girls is Bethany?
If you've been around here much, you do,
but she and this friend are two peas in a pod.
I had a blast with them on a girls' day before school started.

Ben Panther Football

And here's Ben, then and now.
I'd say some of his dreams have come true.
I love the young man that is emerging from the heart of that little boy.

This was entertaining.
I know that no two photographers
will have the same take on this theme.
I'm excited to see what inspiration they have.
I'm pretty sure that once I see, I will have to be trying some more.
Becky is next in the circle at Life With Kaishon.
She has the sweetest take on life over there.
Then, when you have been inspired to create something of your own,
you can post it on The Creativity Project Facebook page.


Life with Kaishon said...

Your kids are so cute. Thanks for trying something new! : )

Sharon Covert said...

Oh how cool! The flower image is just gorgeous!