Thursday, January 30, 2014

Staying Warm


Photo 52, Week 5:  Photographer's Prerogative
"The view from inside"


If you keep up with the weather,
you know we've been having some.
Let it suffice to say


It calls for the warmth of candlelight


and an appreciation for the beauty out there.
But you really do have to look closely sometimes.
Through the window.


Nice for us, we have had plenty of time to do just that.


It's a blessing to have time to hunker down.
Even if my kids really don't want pictures taken every time they
bake cookies, make Valentines, play games.
You get the idea.
They did all of that.
(In addition to the TV and video games.)

(Here's what they looked like six years ago when this happened.
You can use your imagination.  They have BEEN photographed.)


Plus cleaning, laundry, organizing, shoveling.
They are really growing up!
If they're gonna be this handy,


I think I'll keep them around a while longer.


If you were wondering at what point your kids would start coming in REALLY handy?
Mine are in middle school, and they are becoming quite the reasonable, helpful human beings.
And no, I really don't have one picture of them from our unanticipated days together.
I want them to think their mom is becoming a reasonable, helpful human being too.

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