Sunday, June 2, 2013

Only an inch away


I've had a bit of an epiphany today.  But first, a conversation.


Bethany:  Mom, I'm 4'11".  Only one inch away.
Me:  One inch away from what?
Bethany: Five feet.
Me:  And then what?
Bethany:  I'll be happy!

I've blogged plenty (and recently) about contentment, but this was just another reminder.  
She then flopped down on my bed and said, "Well, at least I'm longer than the bed is wide."  
She's not an inch away from happy.  
Thank God for that.


I was thinking today about how at this time of year I get all frazzled with the details of life.  
All the graduation cards that should be bought and parties attended, 
deciding on whether this or that calendar item is a high enough priority to miss a kid's ballgame 
(pretty much no on all counts), 
random Vacation Bible School details that I can't begin to keep straight, 
among many others (forgot my checkbook to pay for youth camp today), 
cars, dryers, and assorted other things breaking.  
The list goes on.  And on.


This morning, in a moment of fog over what I must be forgetting, I didn't care.  Just. didn't. care.


That, my friends, was a freeing moment.


You know what I realized?


During most of the year, I am your go-to gal.  
I have time, I am thorough, I give attention to detail.
In the late spring and early summer, 
my calendar doesn't allow me to be that dependable. 
Usually I hate that. 


But not today.


Last Sunday as I was getting ready for worship, 
I very oddly got the idea that I should leave my Wonder Woman cape at home.
It just cracked me up.
Like a voice saying,  "You don't have to be a superhero."
I know, scandalous, right?
I do not worship myself, after all.
My efficiency.  My ability.  My reliability.  My virtue.
It's all a house of cards, subject to the wind.
I worship my God.  He is the Rock.


Today I'm issuing a disclaimer:
This month, if I agree to be a part of something,
it's the June me you're getting, not the February or March me.  
ADD, I'm calling it.  Attention to Detail Disorder.  
Take me or leave me.  


I am not an inch away from happy.
I am embracing June.  I AM happy.
Scatterbrained, and happy.


Betty W said...

Good for you Tracy! I bet you enjoyed yourself the day you let go.

HJ said...

I choose to take you!!! Up with June!!! :-)

Skeller said...

I like you, Tracy! I like your Feb/Mar-you and I like your June-you. :-)