Friday, May 3, 2013



"We are brave when we bloom


without guarantee the snow won't come back.


Knowing that we are called to bring beauty


into a dark and dreary world.


Understanding that the risk


is worth it."


--Stephanie Spencer, Everyday Awe


HJ said...

Wow, Tracy! You made those beautiful words even more beautiful!! Love it - and love you for all your beauty and grace!!

Tracy P. said...

You're fast! Thank you so much for sharing that post today. Spoke volumes to me on many levels.

Stephanie Spencer said...

I am honored! Thank you for taking my words and pairing them with such beautiful pictures!

HJ said...

Yea... I don't post a lot of other posts, but that one really got to me, big time!! (And I may be more fast than normal, b/c I may be already mentally on vacation, though physically at work..) :-)

Deanna said...

wowzer, beautiful capture of the water droplets and the lovely pansies.

Tracy P. said...

Stephanie, thank YOU for that encouragement to all the weary today.

Givinya De Elba said...

Truly breathtaking! I often wonder if I should look into getting a macro lens ... then I remember how often I actually take photos! Maybe one day!