Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Five years ago today I celebrated eight years of motherhood
(a.k.a. Ben's birthday) 
by sending both kids off to school all day for the first time.  
Cliche' though it may be, 
it seems like yesterday I was writing those reflections.


Today, I am celebrating 13 years of motherhood 
by sending my brand new teenager and my baby both to middle school.  
I still feel every bit as privileged to be enjoying these years with my kids.


And while there is not quite the pomp and circumstance (and bounce) with middle schoolers,


(nor the patience with the photo shoot),


they still wave to us in the window as the bus rolls by.
I'm not about to jeopardize that by pointing a camera at them.


When five years have passed again, 
the birthday boy (if his plans materialize) 
will be working on college applications.  
So if you're looking for me, I'll be right here, savoring these days. 
 Today I'm thanking God that at the end of the school day, 
that bus will bring them right back home.


Deanna said...

Those days for me seem so long ago, but I remember them well. I know you enjoy your time with your family...just remember time moves swiftly!! Great shots of the kids!!

Unknown said...

I'm sure you meant to say...."off to Auburn University", not just "off to college"
love seeing the first day of school photos!

Melissa Mae said...

Look at those kids! So big (and responsible)!! Thanks for the look back because I loved them at that age too.

StitchinByTheLake said...

I've always thought he looked like you in the pictures you post but even more so now! blessings, marlene