Saturday, July 14, 2012

A little rain...

DSC_5883 certainly no reason for calling softball off.


But entertaining two young girls in the rain is tricky.
I thought some chalk might be fun.



They had some other ideas.



Yeah, I took that container away suggested they try something different.
I totally envy moms who can go with the flow if a water fight ensues 
when the temperature just dropped 30 degrees in the last hour.
I am not one of those moms.


The obvious second choice--


speed bump balance beam.



Perfect score, Girlie.

3 comments: said...

Looks like your cutie pies make their own entertainment. Good for them. Nice they have each other. That is always a help. Your pictures are nice of them. I enjoyed. And the actions of play they do together.They seem happy.

I and a group of kids years ago. Never found rain a problem. It was normal. Kids have the greatest imagination of doing things in spite of.

Thanks for sharing. It brings back memories as myself this age. A little Rain.

Life with Kaishon said...

: ) It is 30 degrees there? What in the world. It is 90something here in PA today. HOT!

Tracy P. said...

Ha! No, but it could happen! It went from 94 down to 64, so it was a 30 degree drop. It stopped raining and bounced back a little even while we were there. Weird little system passing through.