Friday, July 20, 2012

Forties Top 40, #10-8


#10:  Summer II.


The part of the summer where we can stay home
and get some things (or nothing) done.
Because we're finished with summer band, flute lessons, VBS, 
baseball clinic, softball, drama camp, and swimming lessons (x2).
Well, there's still a little baseball and Friday night softball left.  But hey.


In prior decades I was always in school, and it was Summer I that I loved.
Summer II meant getting ready to go back.
But not anymore!


#9:  Cheap entertainment.

Because sometimes we want things to do. 
There is seriously so much free stuff around here.
My whole blog is a testament to that.  Spoiled is what we are.


This week?  Indoors at the library with the soaring temps outside.


#8:  People.


OK, so people aren't really a new thing in my 40's.
Specifically, it's seeing people through the eyes
of a mom with impressionable children.


People are so amazing.


Bill the Juggler
(known to many kids as their third grade teacher)
was really working the young crowd.
Telling them how he learned with books from the library.
Telling them how hard it is and you have to work for it
and you won't get it the first time.
And probably not the fiftieth either.
But you have to keep trying.


His audience was appreciative.


Same thing with Dazzling Dave,
the National Yo-Yo Master.


He said, "It's not a trick unless it's spinning!"


And "Parents, PLEASE don't give your 3 year old a yo-yo from the dollar store
and let them swing it around and think they're yo-yoing.
They're not, and they know it, and they will think they can't yo-yo."
Also?  "If you got it free or it cost you less than $5, it's not a real yo-yo."
He showed us how the real ones are made and why they work.
It's so sad my oldest missed that message.  He didn't want to go because
"It will just make me feel bad to watch it because it's something I'm not good at."
In a world that offers a lot of cheap counterfeits for good, old-fashioned, hard work,
I'm so thankful for the many, many people we have encountered in numerous settings
who have made beauty that we can enjoy out of their own patient endurance.


Deanna said...

Looks like you and your family are really enjoying the summer. Great library photos, how fun!!

Melissa Mae said...

We saw Dazzling Dave up here and loved it. The kids were inspired. They pulled out their dollar store yo-yo's and would say (over and over), "It's not trick unless it's spinning." I'm so glad that your summer is slowing down. Enjoy it because it's gonna be over before we know it.

Crazy Sister said...

What a great life skill!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Tracy you remind me so much of one of my daughters - I love your summer of making memories. blessings, marlene