Saturday, June 16, 2012

(A mind dump of a post, masquerading as) Forties Top 40, #28-26


#28:  Vacation Bible School.


In 2007 I accidentally agreed to direct VBS.
It was a sports theme, and my sports crazy son was 7.
We hadn't had VBS for a few years.
How could I refuse?
Thankfully, I am no longer the director.
Just sort of the assistant director.


And photographer.


Can I just say that photographing all over the church and outside
on sunny days and rainy days is a challenge with the white balance and exposure? 
Whew.  Gotta learn to get it right in the camera before next year.
(And Becky, if you read this, it is not self-criticism. ;-)
Merely my next challenge.)





See that pregnant mama over there on the left?
She is our youth minister.  She selected and demonstrated that game.
She did not return.  
The least she could have done is come back for family night
with her new adorable little family member, don't you think??


#27:  Kids singing about Jesus.

Gets me every time.


#26:  The beauty of the Body of Christ.

All ages, colors, shapes and sizes.
Every single week I am humbled and moved
by the people around me.
Our God is faithful.  He IS amazing.
He writes his story over and over again
in the lives of his people,
each time with different twists and turns.
How beautiful and profound that we can join each other's stories.


Melissa Mae said...

I love this post, even if it is a masquerade. I especially love the third picture. However, the fourth picture has me stumped.... where is this?

Tracy P. said...

Downstairs Melissa. Have you been down there lately? It's beautiful!

HJ said...

Lovely, as always, Tracy!!! I particularly appreciate #26 - amen!!!! And thank you for joining my story.

StitchinByTheLake said...

If I could take pictures like these I would be so happy. :) I started King's Cross. Uh oh, is there a workbook, or a video, or a cheat sheet? Or will you just come down here and explain it to me? :) blessings, marlene

Tracy P. said...

Thanks to all of you! Marlene, these are some of the best I had, AFTER the editing. Lots of yellow photos this week :-)

The first chapter in King's Cross has a lot of theological terminology that was new to me. I found the rest of it a lot more straight forward. Hope you will too!

Deanna said...

This is such a great series of pics. I have really fond memories of going to VBS as a child and also with my children. I think your pics are great, you managed the camera quite well.

Life with Kaishon said...

I really love this Tracy! I love that you were able to be a part of something so special! You are the best. I have to tell you what I would do in a situation like that...get ready to be amazed - I would shoot on auto! : ) 100%! If I had time, I would check a few images and see if I liked how they were turning out. I would look at the settings auto was using and I would decide if that was the look I was going for. If not, I would adjust accordingly!

Melissa Mae said...

I think I would make sure that I was capturing RAW images too and then play with the camera settings on my computer to see what would have worked best and then tried them the next day. The benefit of having five days to play!

Tracy P. said...

When I think of RAW I think of an army of megabytes and gigabytes of data marching in to take over my hard drive in lightning speed. If I could quit taking so many pictures, I would consider RAW. (Not to mention that Photoshop would be required, and it still feels to me like the great abyss. I should probably do something about that too. After I learn how to get white balance right in camera. :-) Love the simplicity of iPhoto!)