Saturday, May 14, 2011

A photography school called "Spring"


If I had unlimited time and money,
I sure would love to go to photography school.


That won't really be happening.


But I did get to take three classes that came with the purchase of my camera.
Oh my, they were so, so good.  
Like drinking water out of a fire hydrant, as my husband would say.
Sounds like an analogy for ISO now.


Spring just beckons to me
to come out and play
and try out all these new things I'm learning.
(Not that I really needed an invitation.)


What they didn't teach me was how to shoot tulips
so that they don't look like they glow in the dark.

(But it did help a little to set my ISO down to 100.
Even with clouds.)


I noticed how this pretty green plant was growing out of the wall.
I was looking at it straight on and thought it wouldn't be
a very interesting picture.  But then...

DSC_8651 occurred to me that if I got next to the wall
and shot it from the side
there would be more opportunity to work with
depth of field.


I love this shot with the little white flowers just starting to peek out.
See that one, standing up and waving?
If I had just moved slightly so that it was in front of
that dark spot above it and to the right
it would have really popped!
It doesn't pop.  And it's a little underexposed.
What I love is that I noticed that, and next time it just might pop.


And these.  These are usually my Mother's Day bouquet.
They are a little late this year.
I can never wait until they bloom to start taking pictures.
But this year it isn't because I'm impatient.
It's because I'm experimenting with bokeh.
That just makes me laugh as I type it.  It sounds ridiculous.
(I had to google "how to pronounce bokeh"
I'm going with bow' kuh.
It might not be technically correct, but I can say it.
But I probably won't.  In everyday conversation.)


Thank you, Spring, for the invitation to your party photography school.
I'll return for another lesson very soon!


Skeller said...

Spring is beautiful. And, of course, so are your pictures!!
Spring is nearing it's end here in SoCal, and it's beginning to be brown brown brown ...

Life with Kaishon said...

You are doing SO well. Like so, so well. And you are smart too. ISO at 100 even on an overcast day with the tulips. Smart. You are on your way to the top. I am glad you loved your classes.