Thursday, April 28, 2011


What would you do


if this were the scene in your living room?

I wonder. 

 I might snatch up the trash and wonder who was so inconsiderate.  
March right over to the garbage to get it out of here.

Worthless, wrinkled-up wad of paper!
Not in my living room, no siree.


Or, I might notice.

The wrinkles.

They form sort of a pattern.


Symmetry.  Balance.  Light.


Really, those wrinkles look almost purposeful.

Who knew wrinkles could be a good thing?
But yes, it looks like these are there for a reason.
What, though?

Is it meant to be a bowtie?


A kite?  Batman logo?


Oh, a crown?

I heard that somewhere, a princess will be needing one.


How about a star?


No, not these wrinkles.

These wrinkles were precisely placed for this:


Lovely, no?

A paper crane.  So graceful.


What if that crane spoke to its maker and said,
"Wow, great job!  Thanks, I'll take it from here!"?

It would sit there
and look pretty
until it got in the way
like a worthless, wrinkled-up wad of paper.

But that's not what it was destined for.

The crane was created and destined 
to stay in its maker's hand,
where it would be free
to do this:

With just the right wrinkles.
For just the right purpose.
And freed by remaining in the hands of its maker.
Freed to do all it was created to do.
By staying connected.

Just like us.

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stefanie said...

umm, wow.

Joy said...

What a terrific post Tracy. Paige has made me probably a 100 of those cranes and I still have most of them. Now when I see them I will think of this post. So beautiful.
♥ Joy