Friday, July 22, 2016

Dog Days of Summer


Meet Stella.
She really did come to us in the dog days of summer.


Bethany has been waiting her whole life for her.

Stella 2

She had to wait a little extra long, because she was at marching band practice when Stella arrived.
I couldn't wait for her to get home so I could see the look on her face.


She is about a year old, some sort of mix of terrier and spitz
that we got from a rescue.
I'm not sure why anyone would part with her.

Stella 1

Fun fact:
Bethany picked the name Stella.
It means "star".
The dog days of summer were named that
because the early Romans associated the hottest days of the year
with the "dog star" (that's the brightest of the constellation Canis Major).
Pretty cool since Stella has a white star on her chest.

Stella 3

Stella wasn't very big on toys at her foster home,
but Bethany had picked out a fox for her that she loves!
Stella is such a good mannered, spunky sweetheart.
She is almost too good to be true.
We're grateful that she had a loving foster mom
who helped get her off on the right foot.
Or paw.


I think you'll fit in just fine here, Stella.


Welcome home!


Skeller said...

:-D :-D :-D So happy for Bethany. So happy for Stella. And so sooo happy for all of you. Dogs are awesome.

Joy said...

Great addition to the family. I'm so glad you chose a rescue.

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Oh my word! So exciting. You are a great Mom!