Monday, February 8, 2016



Meet Jen.
She's a survivor.

Faces of Diego

And meet Diego...


...her right hand dog.
He's a lifesaver.
The love they share is beautiful.

J and D 6

Jen has had to overcome a lot of things.
One was breast cancer.
Another was 6 1/2 years of the demands of military service
as an army medic and mechanic.
She has also overcome a lot of challenges to get her degree
and become a licensed electrician.
She will tell you that if not for her animals,
she doesn't know how she would have made it this far.

J and D 9

But then I look at Diego.
I don't think he would have gotten too far if Jen hadn't rescued him, either.

J and D 5


We got together at Jen's lifelong stomping grounds
for a special celebration.


It was her birthday,
and the day she got the news that she is now four years cancer free.
Being the Vikings fan that she is,
she had a quick little wardrobe addition to commemorate the occasion.
(And since the new quarterback is #5, she's all set for next year too.
Do you suppose it's even remotely possible that in celebration of FIVE years
the Vikings could make it to the Super Bowl for her?)
As luck would have it,  her latest work project has been
WAAAAY up in the rafters of their new stadium construction.
Better her than me!!


Since our session at the park,
Jen has rescued another dog to share in the fun.
I look forward to meeting Tonka!


Jen, I'm so glad that you and Diego found each other,
and thankful for all the good things God has brought into your lives over the past year.
And I'm especially glad you are capturing so many treasured moments in photos.
It's hard for the challenges to stay at the forefront


in the face of so much joy.


Skeller said...

Jen and Diego look like a match made in heaven. Happy congrats to her for her 4-year cancer-free milestone!

Deanna said...

What a lovely happy for both, a match made in heaven.

Jenny Ovick said...

Thank you :)

Jenny Ovick said...

Thank you :)

Meg M. said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful woman and of course her companion. Jen, I adore you and these photos capture so much of you and of course, Diego. You are a fighter with the most gentle spirit. XOX to many more battles that bring you to the other side.

Jenny Ovick said...

Thank you :)

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

Dear Jen, You are lovely. From your kind eyes all the way to your sensational smile. I see your heart of gold, and it is breathtaking. Thank you for serving our country and keeping us safe. You are a true blessing. I pray you and your dogs have a fantastic year. God bless you always.

Jenny Ovick said...

Thank you :)

Jenny Ovick said...

ThanK you :)