Monday, March 9, 2015

The Creativity Project: Soft Focus


This year I am still doing Photo 52 on Facebook, one theme per week. We have a great group, lots of new people, and a new leader, which is awesome (because it's not me!).  Instead of calling the last week of February's theme Photographer's Choice (meaning your favorite photo of the month, regardless of theme), she called it Photographer's Dilemma. Some of the new people missed the cue for posting their favorite photo, and instead posted a photo of a dilemma--which turned out to be incredibly creative and entertaining!  I immediately thought of the photographer's dilemma I depicted above: time can be such a blur.  


It was perfect for this month's "Soft Focus" theme for the Creativity Project.  My focus on photography (well, specifically on TAKING photos) is soft right now because I am focused on something else that I'm excited about, and it's taking up most of my time.  Sometimes, having a soft focus--or, an intentional SHIFT in focus--can be a really good thing.  So I give you, in no particular order, a bunch of photos from the archives with soft focus.  I love how peaceful they are.  






This one was just a little over a year ago.
Soon. Very soon.
Our first walk of the year outdoors yesterday was very hopeful.
Can't wait for all this beauty to come into focus.
I should have my camera back out by then!

Have you ever tried shooting out of focus intentionally?
It's pretty counter-intuitive.  But I love the results.
The Creativity Project has a different theme each month.
You can post your own "Soft Focus" shot 
We would love it!

Visit our circle of photographers for some inspiration--starting with the lovely Stephanie.
Her blog is filled with beautiful slices of life, and you will surely smile.


Life with Kaishon said...

Trac- I really love these. You did a beautiful job! See, I knew you could knock this theme out of the park.

Buckeroomama said...

Tracy, these are awesome! I love all the images, but most especially the carousel and the one of the red leaf.

Charisma Moran said...

That carousel image belongs in a gallery! So gorgeous!

Creative Heart by Stephanie said...

Love the colorful lights- Lots of beauty here that makes me smile

Maddy said...

Love all the colorful bokeh, especially the second image of the post!