Tuesday, January 6, 2015

So many faces, so little time


Best Face of 2014

Photo Challenge Submission

How do you choose the best face out of a whole year?

This one was kind of easy.  I love this face for so many reasons.  My friend in the middle there with her lap full of granddaughter?  She took a chance on me big time by asking me to come and do my thing at this gathering of her family.  She is not a big fan of cameras, really.  But, she knew that this moment in their story needed to be documented, and she chose me to tell it in photos.  I'm so grateful for her encouragement in my photography journey, and I am thrilled at how this family's love spilled out of every image I captured that day.  I am looking forward to more moments like this in the months ahead. 

Being a part of peoples' stories is an amazing privilege.  It makes me feel like I should take my shoes off, because I'm standing on holy ground.  

I'm joining the iheartfaces.com challenge this week.  What image sticks in your mind as your face of the year? 

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Skeller said...

aw, my friend, you captured a truly lovely moment. I dare say your friend KNEW she wasn't really taking a "big time chance" on you. She knew your heart and she knew you would capture hers. Well done. xox