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Photo 52, week whatever:  Confessions

Something that happened on our Photo 52 Facebook page sparked the comment that "Confessions" might be an interesting theme. In agreement, I immediately put it in the lineup for November.  There is nothing like a little frigid early November weather (on the heels of the previous "Polar Vortex" winter) to elicit some confession-worthy behavior.


Like drowning our family sorrows in beer cheese soup, 


or my own in extra coffee (to keep my hands warm) with extra creamer (because obviously).


Also by way of confession, we do make our kids shovel, but we don't dictate their outerwear choices. (You knew that though, right?)  In my own defense, when I took Ben to the doctor (wearing shorts) because he couldn't stop coughing, I did ask her whether she had any problem with him wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the winter. She said as long as his skin wasn't exposed to temps or for a length of time that made him susceptible to frostbite, she had no issue. As we suspected.


And another confession…on one cold day last week, Ben was hurriedly looking for a pair of socks as he was trying to head out the door.  He had none in his drawer he said.  On my own feet were a pair of his socks that I had just pulled out of my own sock drawer.  Rather than offer them to him I made him run downstairs and pull a pair out from between the sofa cushions.  Because that was the real reason he didn't have a whole drawer full of clean socks, I reasoned.  (Besides, I had already warmed this pair up for myself.)  That was laundry day, and after that he had nine clean pairs of socks in his drawer.  Hmmm.  I do laundry every week, so something is up here.

Moving on…


Photo 52, week somethingorother: Roadscapes

Cool theme that someone suggested.  Mine were photographed before the leaves all fell off.  This is the road between home and school and most other places on my daily path, a road with a great view for all seasons.


Though it's not that obvious, the bird soaring overhead is a bald eagle--
a common occurrence here, as there are lakes on both sides of the road.


Photo 52, some week from back in October: Spooky/Scary

This cemetery sits at the top of a hill beside that same road, but a few miles down.  The towering tombstones have always caught my attention as I have driven by, so this theme made me determined to go for a visit.  I waited until the moon was full, but the night that I hoped would be the perfect opportunity, the clouds rolled in as the sun went down.  What to do?

Andrew OGrady

However, I was amazed at how old the place really was, and managed to spook myself as this tombstone caught my eye with what at first appeared to be a witch-like face, but turned out to be a cross surrounded by laurel.  (Please tell me you see the ghost of Andrew O'Grady too.)


Finally, more in the scary category, is Ben behind the wheel for the first time.
He is actually going to do just fine.  Instructed by his dad.
With photog mom as backseat driver just to document the occasion.
Hooray for Dad!

One more confession:  I am done trying to track the weeks of Photo 52.  I love it, but I just can't keep up the blogging about it.  So while I will most likely post the photos for the rest of the year, it will be anybody's guess what week it is (and they may very well go unannounced), until week 52.  Which will be here before we know it.  A girl's gotta know when it's time to let go of something.

So those are my confessions.  Is there anything you need to let go of?

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