Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Photographer's Prerogative

Apparently it was this photographer's prerogative to quit blogging for the summer.  
I mean, it wasn't intentional, but that's what happened.  
Playing Photo 52 catch up today for July, which was a total blur.


Photo 52, Week 27:  Freedom

On an early July day as I sat talking to a friend near a playground, a guy walked up and got very busy with some chalk.  When we were ready to head out, I had to go see what he had done.  Apparently he was in the business of helping provide freedom from hopelessness.


Photo 52, Week 28:  Wind

The view from baseball practice.  With my phone.
Not all that I had envisioned for wind, but hey.


Photo 52, Week 29:  Fur, fins and feathers

All through the winter and spring you cannot miss the birds in our yard.
In the summer, through the leaves, they are much harder to see.
In the middle of the flurry that is July, I was happy for the day
I was paying enough attention to notice.



DSC_0586 - Version 2

Photo 52, Week 30:  Dramatic Light

This week started right out with some great dramatic light opportunities.
This old farm has been preserved as a local public park.  Pretty cool!

BWBenBat 2

I loved this opportunity as well…



Dramatic light at golden hour.

Painted in Waterlogue

Had to try it in Waterlogue!


Photo 52, Week 31:  Photographer's choice

Lee went with me to scope out good light for my one-year-old session.


He was such a trooper!



Thanks, Buddy!


The other big July event was Bethany in "Annie".  It was so cute!



And to top off a super-busy month, there was a grandma in the house for the play,
and also the last day of baseball.
Ben had a family fan club (truly a rarity!), and he put on a clinic out at 2nd base!
Couldn't have asked for them to see him on  a better day!!

And thus ended our crazy July.


HJ said...

PHEW!!!! :-) Good to see some posts from you again, but totally understandable! Loving every ounce of summer is sometimes prohibitive to blogging - and that's okay too!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Summers - I have some wonderful summer memories when the kids were still at home. :) Beautiful pictures. My favorite was the flower at sunset - stunning. blessings, marlene

Melissa B. said...

It's a Hard Knock Life, ain't it? Love these Superior Snaps. You need to open a photo biz, if you haven't already!