Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring! (Waterlogue edition)

Painted in Waterlogue

Photo 52, Week 13:  Photographer's Prerogative

Spring is making a valiant effort here on the tundra.
Mind you, we awoke to freezing fog on the first day,
but it was beautiful.
And then, the melting began.

Painted in Waterlogue

Today there is all kinds of grass exposed where merely a day ago all was white.

Painted in Waterlogue

So spring gets a nod from me.

Painted in Waterlogue

Meanwhile, a couple of weeks ago a friend brought me 
this beautiful bulb garden.
I have promised myself to have one every year.
The beauty is therapy.

Painted in Waterlogue

And then Deanna posted about Waterlogue.
Since I finally entered the smart phone era, I went and bought it.
Love how it takes my photos and turns them into these little works of art.


I took my first photography class since three years ago.
About time, I know.  
Sadly, I did not learn everything I need to know about lighting.
But I had fun, and got reacquainted with an old friend from college.
The last night of class we went downtown to shoot the sunset.
Loved this vantage point.  I will post real pictures someday.  Maybe.

Painted in Waterlogue

I hope spring is beautiful in your corner of the world!

Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in Waterlogue


glaucia said...

The waterlogue treatment of your photos are stunning, so I'm sure your pictures are even better! And yeah for a photography class! I'm jealous in a good way!

Tracy P. said...

Thanks Glaucia! I was pretty excited too. :-)

Skeller said...

these are such happy, beautiful little works of watercolor photographic phone art :-D.

Dea said...

Beautiful! Reminds me that spring is coming, even if the weather here wouldn't let us know that!