Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Be Mine


I won't lie to you.
I think Valentine's Day is WAY overrated.
If I could outlaw it, I just might.


I know.  Way to throw cold water on a perfectly good "holiday".
It just seems like a day when too many people have to be reminded of unmet expectations.

My single friends enjoy it so beautifully and graciously as a friendship day.  I'm truly thankful.
A friendship day is a wonderful idea, but honestly, my friends make me feel special every day.

But there are young people who are unattached and wondering if they are unattractive.
And married people who aren't really feeling it.  Alone together.
And young couples who are trying to take it slow,
but feel the pressure to write a fairytale when a mystery might be closer to the truth.
I guess that's my problem.
I think Valentine's Day highlights the likelihood that we love romantic fiction more than reality.
The reality is that there are just so many good and beautiful and simple ways to show love every day.
To everyone we know.  No pressure needed to get it right.


Luckily for me, during all of my years without a Valentine,
I always had a classroom full of them.
I loved Valentine's Day in school.
It was every kid's day to be loved.  Everyone gave Valentines to everyone.
We all opened them in a circle amidst a sea of smiles and a cacophony of "Thank you, So-and-so!"
Very sweet.  No unmet expectations.


My own kids have outgrown those days now.
They are wondering how we will celebrate as a family,
now that they no longer exchange Valentines at school with all their classmates.
I wonder if they have become aware that Valentine's Day
is a day when you could end up feeling forgotten.


I suppose we will do what we have always done.
Share a little something sweet, and maybe a little something special.

I am sure we will remember this one thing:


We are always, always loved.
I pray that I might share a little love
with someone who might have forgotten that...
or never known.

I hope you know today that you are dearly loved!


Melissa Mae said...

Thank you for this. I was starting to feel that our "loving on others" tradition was becoming more tradition and less loving. This put some spirit and some (Holy) words to go with my renewal of thought and action. Love you.

Deanna said...

What a sweet post...eventho you may want to outlaw Valentine's Day you sure do share a lotta love!! Thanks!!

Givinya De Elba said...

Great post! I agree!

Life with Kaishon said...

Oh : (
I love valentines day. I always have. And, please know, I never had a valentine my entire life until Gary : ). No one every loved me but I still LOVED this day. Love is a beautiful thing.

I hope your day was low key and special.

HJ said...

Your stuffed friends make my heart melt!!! I've never outgrown the love of stuffed animals - SQEEEEZE!!!! And I agree w/ you about Valentine's day! I do so fondly remember the grade school Valentine's days though - making those wonderful little construction paper Valentine's boxes - and making out cards for everyone. I loved that!! Oh, I wish I could just squeeze the top bear right now!! :-)