Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mom Shots (or why I really should hire a photographer)


True confession time.


Early in the summer, I bribed my family to start taking pictures including me.


And they have!


Not all of them are flattering, and not all of them will be shared with the world.


But here's the thing.  I love taking pictures of them. Lee's ridiculous humor getting a simultaneous eyeball roll and laugh out of Bethany.  My two "men" engaged in a lively ballgame.  The love-hate relationship between my pre-adolescents.  I know when it's coming and I know how to capture it.  But MY relationship with my family members?  Virtually undocumented.  It's not that there are no pictures of me.  It's that they are almost all posed, and they don't show the natural exchanges between myself and the people I love.  THIS is why I should hire a photographer.  Truly.  But I haven't managed to bring that to the top of the budget priority list yet.  So I am trying to be intentional about teaching my family how to include me, even if it's a little staged.  


I have mentioned here that as I've reflected on reaching mid-life, I realize I've been tempted at times to be intimidated by my younger self.  It sounds ridiculous, but it is true.  And if I allowed that idea to take hold, I would be reluctant to be in photos, because I once had fewer wrinkles and fewer bulges and fewer chins, and I completely intend to get back to pristine physical condition "one of these days".  There are surely better days just ahead for photos of me!


But you know what?  TODAY I am the youngest I will ever be.  TODAY I am the person who could intimidate the 70-year-old me.  TODAY I need to embrace who I am TODAY.  It's the only day we're given.  I want my kids to remember the me who launched them into middle school, who played games with them, baked with them, explored with them, worked on projects with them, loved their dad, and sought the face of God alongside them.


So bribery it is.  Shameless.  How did I do it?


Well, I offered points toward a reward.


Points for taking the picture.


Points for being in the picture.


Points for learning how to use the camera on your iPod.


Lots of points.


Oh, some are more interested in cooperating than others.


But then, some are just so easily motivated to earn points!


And also, capture moments.

In this year's family photo book, no one will doubt that Mom was in the middle of the action.

Hey you out there!  The one with the camera.  Get in the picture.

And if you're the one who said that to me?
(The one I would have to find a way to hire if you lived near me?)
Thank you!  From the bottom of my heart.

8 comments: said...

Your adorable. With a Beautiful

Bouncy hair. That cover girl look. Honest.

You did it Lady. I am 70 to soon be 71. I got passed the behind the camera as well.

So I am a gal that now soars like an Eagle and excepts Who I Am .Whom God has made.

So are you.

You have come from behind your camera.

So the photographer did a great job.

Beautiful young family you have.

Your Hubby is SHINING in

pictures beside you.

You are
pretty good shape to me.

PhYSCIALLY> You know that song.
Olivia Newton John. Only it was Physcial.

You need not to worry other wise.

You are doing your family a great justice of Happiness. In all the activites while you can as a young beautiful Mom.

Thanks for sharing Show and Tell of the lady behind the camera.(YOU)

Your a beam of Sunshine Lady!

Tracy P. said...

Oh Madame Sparkle! You are so very kind. :-) Thank you. It's never too late, right?? Hugs to you!

Betty WSch. said...

Such a great idea!! I wish I'd done that when my girls were younger. I know, never too late, but it's not the same when they are grown up. Loved your pics!

StitchinByTheLake said...

I wish you'd told me this 30 years ago! blessings, marlene

Skeller said...

You had me at "True ..." . I LOVE this whole post, every single last image (but especially #2 & #4!!). Yay for YOU and yay for the point-system and yay for you-the-awesome-mom/wife/baker/crafter/hiker/photographer/thrillrider/baseballfan/explorer/teacher getting in the picture and being documented as part of your own family :-). I'm so glad I had even a tiny part in encouraging you to do this!! And, oh, how much fun I would have documenting your full-of-love family if I lived in your neck of the woods!!

Melissa Mae said...

Okay, I take this as a challenge.... to capture you with your family when I can! You made me remember when Laura Monahan talked about the mom hating herself in a group of pictures that Laura took of her family... until 10 years later when she loved it. So much wisdom in capturing yourself now at this time with the ones you love in the ways that show it. Now, to figure out how to get myself in front of the lens too...

Tracy P. said...

Yes you, Susan! I was glad I reread your posts because I need to remember to flip the camera to auto when I hand it off. And Melissa, yes! In ten years I will love these photos MUCH more! We can help each other out with that, but you do a pretty good job of it yourself. ;-)

Caitlin said...

Very true, and a great message for us mothers to remember. I often shove a camera at someone and ask them to take a picture with me in it. I always feel a bit dumb, but persist because I want me to be included in our family's pictorial history. You have some wonderful pictures with your kids, the points system! Love that final challenge, "Get in the Picture."