Monday, January 9, 2012

The time I got pushy


I married into this family thirteen years ago.  And a half. They're quite southern.  I'm quite midwestern. (Or maybe midnorthern???)  It's mainly just entertaining, our differences.  We've always gotten along quite happily.  If you know Lee, you know that he's from...somewhere that isn't here...but you really would never put your finger on south Georgia.  But give him some boiled peanuts and he will start talking southern.


(Well don't just go boiling ANY old peanuts.)


Even though I have been around for quite awhile, I didn't presume that I could get away with 
making everyone be in a family photo while we were there for Christmas.

Well, I didn't MEAN to presume, anyway.

It's just that I knew it would be the perfect gift for Lee's parents.


After all, there's soon to be a wedding, to add another family member.


And there's been a new baby in the last year.


And good heavens, when we last had our picture taken...well, it was lifetimes ago.


So after the presents, I herded everyone outside.  Pushy.


And unapologetic.
That's me.


Rita said...

You are one fortunate bunch to have such a wonderful family. Many people long for what you have. Love them, give a hug once in a while and enjoy these fabulous pictures.

Melissa Mae said...

I had to be pushy this year too. Did I tell you about that? But my pictures didn't turn out as well as yours did.... your photog skills are great! (Oh, and one my favorite foods in the whole world is boiled peanuts. Go figure.)

Joy said...

The picture turned out great and i know Lee's parents were glad you took them.
Now pass me some boiled peanuts honey chile!

Melissa B. said...

Oh, I love these kinds of family pix! My favorite was my SIL's card of many years ago - the four boys, all with bowl cuts. I've still got it on my fridge, anchored with a Beatles magnet. Your snaps turned out great, though. Bravo!

Givinya De Elba said...

I love your photography Tracy and I hate the fact that carrying a camera is such a chore for me! I often think of you though, I'll be sitting on the beach realising I forgot the camera AGAIN and wishing I was more like you - camera always at the ready, taking many shots and capturing memories to look back on later! I just love coming here and looking at your blog - it's always filled with such nice photos and I wish I could do it too! Is there any hope for me? How did you get hooked on photography?

StitchinByTheLake said...

I love it! I just told my oldest daughter last night that it was way past time for a family portrait. Maybe I'll just get pushy. :) blessings, marlene

Skeller said...

methinks pushy & unapologetic are about the only kinds of photogs who can make those family gathering group shots happen :-} yay, you! said...

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