Monday, February 7, 2011


Since I started my Photo a Day project on January 1, I've been taking pictures every day. It's been fun!  Some of the photos I thought I would post have been replaced by better ones later in the day.  Some have had stories waiting to be told.  I have quite an interesting little back log.  Here are a few that deserve to be recorded.


Bethany gave Ben a homemade card with coupons for Christmas.  One of the coupons was for a breakfast in bed.  He recently redeemed it, and scored a gourmet feast of eggs with bacon, toast and pancakes, hot chocolate with creamer and gingerbread man marshmallows.


I was on my best behavior and did not even drool.
I hope I get coupons for Christmas next year.


But I ALMOST drooled in front of the bakery case at the little French cafe near us. I have taken photos of it several times, but I think this is the first one I ever posted. Snapping a photo was good enough.  I ate only my yummy salad and sandwich.


I was at school one day last week, so I gave the kids a ride home.  I needed gas first, and before I knew it we had made a detour to Panera for hot chocolate.  Which somehow turned into hot chocolate and a heart cookie.  Bethany didn't make me breakfast, but she did share her cookie with me.


Ben was wearing his Steelers jersey that day.  Apparently he should have saved it until yesterday. Do not ask me why he is a Steelers fan.  He does actually like the Vikings better, but the Vikings didn't make it to the Super Bowl.  In case you hadn't noticed.


Remember Kevin?

He has been with us for a year now, and he is as cute as ever.  He still runs away from us though.  When we take him out of his cage to play with us, we have to go in the bathroom and stuff a towel under the door so he won't escape.  We love him.  I'm pretty sure he loves us too.  


Anonymous said...

All I can say is yum, yum, yum...and Kevin is so adorable! He is fortunate to be loved & cared for by such a great family!


Joy said...

That bakery picture is delicious. Great picture. Bethany's breakfast still looks good to me though.
We love Panera Bread. That is one of Paige's favorite places.
Oh, Kevin. I'm glad to see he still entertaining you all. He is cute.
♥ Joy

Life with Kaishon said...

I love these pictures of your days Tracy. You have such a happy family and such a happy life. No way in the world Kevin could not love you. You are the most sensational family around! You had a salad at a bakery? You are so seriously amazing I can't even stand it!