Sunday, November 21, 2010

Special Gift

I don't know about you, but during November when I walk into Target to do my grocery shopping and see the Christmas decorations, I feel like hyperventilating. I have to tell myself to breathe deeply, for there is still PLENTY of time to plan and prioritize the ways I will observe the celebration of first Thanksgiving, then Advent, and finally Christmas.
Christmas card 1

Of course, looking for opportunities to get a great family photo is a year-long endeavor. I'm still scheming about that. But here is a great way to use the best of the photos you've been snapping all year long, and for the best price ever...FREE!!! It is never too soon to save money, right?

Christmas card 2
(inside right)

Shutterfly is offering a great deal for bloggers. I have bragged about them before, TWICE, free of charge. (Go ahead, refresh your memory. I'll wait.) But now they are offering to pay me, and YOU!, for blogging about their photo cards and gifts.

See how cute these cards are? Now there is no pressure to get one awesome photo, because you can include several--one great photo of each family member, and a few group shots. They have all kinds of great designs, and you can use one photo, or as many as you want. You are BOUND to find one you love.

Christmas card 3
(inside left)

And all I have to do is press "publish" here, and they are going to send me 50 5x7s of this card. Free! (Did I already mention that?) You can click here to find out how to take advantage of the same deal.


I am in the middle of two photo book projects as well, and have plans for a couple more to use as gifts. The grandparents adore them, and you can make more than one copy of the same book for no extra effort. I know they will have some great specials in the next few weeks, so I am scrambling to be ready to order. My brother and sister-in-law gave all the family members Shutterfly photo calendars last year, and I am hoping for another one (ahem). I keep everything on it, and I love that it is notebook-sized. It's by my computer at all times, except when I am carrying it around.

Thank you, Shutterfly, for my first gift of the Christmas season. Even if it is before Thanksgiving. Merry Christmas to you too!


Melissa Mae said...

That's a great card! I haven't been able to bring myself to buy into the great deals for Christmas cards though... I'm still aiming for the free Smilebox e-cards this year. Easy on the pocketbook in shipping! However, it has been hard to resist, especially when I see such great cards like yours!

Joy said...

Thanks for the heads up on this Tracy. The card is great. I love that there are so many pictures included. I may look in to it when I get back from FL.
♥ Joy

Givinya De Elba said...

This is gorgeous! It helps to have smashing photos to put on your card, I guess, and yours are lovely.

You were right about McDonald's not being the epic fail I thought it was. I just felt like it was a fail because I'd put in effort to make the pasta dish - I'd tried to be healthier. But really - the pasta dish has bacon and store-bought pesto - probably just as salty as McDonalds after all!

Skeller said...

I totally ripped a page out of your play book this week, Tracy, and went ahead and created a "just vacation" photobook for 2010. Thanks for the inspiration :-).

Happy, blessed Thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family!!