Thursday, August 6, 2009

Postcard from the Past

This little stretch of the journey took us back in time to the days when the 20th century was young. We spent two days in Greenfield Village and the Henry Ford Museum, where Henry Ford very literally gathered some of the greatest minds and innovators to reinvent a community that would bring about unfathomable change within a few brief decades. It was wonderful, and anyone who goes to Detroit should definitely plan to spend a couple of days.

Although I am a color addict, and the place was beautifully vivid, these photos begged to take on their unique turn of the century flavor.


Tracy P. said...

Yup, you got it! More baseball. They even let the kids play their own game. Four bases plus home!

Joy said...

Totally awesome pictures. Love the sepia tones.
What a nice place to spend some time.
Down in Ft. Meyers FL there is a Edison and Ford house (they were neighbors) I went years ago and toured the houses. I want to go back and take my girls.
This place looks like lots of fun.
Way to help the Michigan Tourism and economy :)


stefanie said...

Fun! Baseball in two different centuries...who says time travel isn't possible!

Ronda's Rants said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I love these pictures and it looks like you all had fun! I agree with looks like you did time travel!

Destini said...

I actually live on the east side of the state in Flint. I love the Muskegon area. That is where we normally go to "hang" I have a really good friend that is a hop skip and a jump away from Muskegon State Park. Anywhere along the coast is great! I went to college in Allendale at Grand Valley State. We would spend time studying on the beach when ever we could. South Haven was one of my thinking spots.

We were out of town this weekend...went up north with some friends. It would have been neat to meet somewhere...keep it in mind when you get this way again! Sounds like you were pretty close to my back door, relatively speaking!

Marrdy said...

OK, these have to go in your first book of photos! These are amazing! And thanks for the nice comment this morning. I hesitate all time in posting some stuff because it might offend someone and I don't want to become lost in a fight with people who think differently. But you are right! It will be better than we can ever imaagine!