Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not Me!

The blogosphere is like a small town, I tell you. I have been meaning to do a "Not Me Monday" post for a long time to come clean on a lot of things that have been cluttering my conscience in the past few weeks. The first person I saw do this was Destini, who got the idea from its originator, McMama. Recently Givinya de Elba did one that cracked me up, and this week Mama Kat gave it as a writing prompt inspired by Lolli for Writer's Workshop. Only it's not Monday. So that will be number 1:

1. I am not totally breaking the rules and posting a Not Me Monday post on Thursday. I would never do that, because I am a rule follower all the way.

2. Although I have been fighting the rabbits in my garden, I am not the woman my neighbors may or may not have seen running out to the garden in her bathrobe to scare them away. Because I have dignity, you know, and that would be humiliating. Nope, not me!

3. It HAS been awfully busy around here, with planning and hosting birthday party for Bethany and a bridal shower within a few days of each other. But I would NEVER let myself get so tired out that it would affect my driving. OF COURSE I did not pull into a parking spot, think to myself that it was a little tight on my right, but let it go. I did not then get out and sort of half consciously think that there was still quite a bit of room on my left and completely dismiss the half of a thought out of hand. And when I got back to my car, there most certainly was NOT a note stuck under my wiper that said, "Learn how to park!" Because for one, after 30 years of driving I obviously KNOW how to park, and for two, people who park in front of Christian bookstores would know that leaving such a rude note would be a bad witness, for heaven's sake. They would never do that.

4. Speaking of showers, the one I gave fell on an extremely warm night, and we had to move it downstairs so the guests wouldn't melt. Thankfully my house is VERY organized, so I did NOT have to move piles of stuff from the office at the last minute and shove it all in the guest room and close the door, hoping no one would mistake that door for the bathroom door and accidentally stick their head in there. I am SO glad that I am not messy and irresponsible and do not STILL have a mess like that stashed blissfully out of sight and out of mind.

5. Speaking of Bethany's birthday, it was a luau theme, and her cake had a beach with a volcano on it. The volcano only required a little bit of the can of chocolate frosting, but luckily I have WAY too much self-control to work my way through the can of leftover frosting in the fridge a spoonful (or two or three) at a time. That stuff'll kill ya. I would never do that!

6. I am not presently thinking that some of that frosting would make a good breakfast.

Is there anything you don't need to get off your mind????


Givinya De Elba said...

Great post (I didn't think mine was inspiring at all! I'll have to re-read it.)

I thought they were all GREAT, but to start off with Number 1 ... that was really quite brilliant.

Sad about the rude note on the windscreen, some people are just so rude.

Julie said...

that was a fun post, and great that you did it on Thursday!

Janis said...

I completely enjoyed that! I must try to make my "Not Me" list today!

Dea said...

I enjoyed reading this! The note on your windshield- rude but pretty funny at the same time. Your not-me-mon(thursday)day was perfect!

Dan said...

Why aren't you thinking of frosting for breakfast? What is the difference between some frosting and a few cornflakes and frosted flakes? Go for it!

Foursons said...

I do not buy canned frosting for my son to eat by the spoonfuls as his dessert every night. Nope.

Marrdy said...

You are cute. I would totally love to see you run outside in your bathrobe chasing bunnies. Take pictures!!

I think you parked next to me at Target yesterday. But I would never leave a note!!

Tiffany said...

You totally had me laughing out loud. I can't believe someone would (or would not) leave a note on your window. Do you know how many times I've wanted to do something like that but haven't the gumption to do it? Nope - it's never crossed my mind!

Fun post - I may have to work on this ;o)

StitchinByTheLake said...

And I would never close my closet doors and pray they close either! blessings, marlene

Joy said...

Tracy this is cracking me up. That parking thing happened to Buster back when he was a young driver. Someone left him a note on his windshield that said "Next time you park like this leave a can opener" He thought that was so funny. I think he saved that note for years.
I'm glad I'm not the only one with piles and loves chocolate frosting. :)


Melissa B. said...

And I am decidedly NOT the one who ate an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's New York Super Fudge Crunch last nite. The B&J's Stressbusters Diet, ya know. Hope you and yours Have the Happiest of 4ths!

stefanie said...

I can't relate to any of this. There are so many things I haven't done. I could never come up with anything for Not Me Monday.


freegal1000 said...

And a SO didn't snot my Mama when she wanted to go to the fireworks! Actually, I'm glad she got me up and going! I love your phototography...the mist on the flowers in your previous post stands out on the deep, vibrant colors. Thanks for dropping by. Love sharing my shots, and looking at those others take as well. Please come back to see me sometime!

Aunt Julie said...

And I would NOT be the first person in line to help you consume all that frosting! Thanks so much for coming by to wish Veggie Mom a fond farewell. I realize I have really BIG shoes to fill, but I'm up to the challenge. Look forward to seeing you over at my new place!

SKELLER said...

And *I* did not come here to drown myself in your blog's humor and to gaze in wonder at the beauty of your flowers that flank this post in order to keep myself from strangling my eldest son. No, not me. I love that boy. Mostly. Usually. ;-)

Happy Wednesday, Tracy!

ps. and you're so right: I was underachieving in not finding some rushing water beneath that corner of the world (but in my defense: this is CA and we are in a drought), but can I have some bonus points for the fog that was rapidly blowing in?!? ;-)