Friday, May 23, 2008

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice...a Contest!

OK, so we know what they're MADE of, but what what do you NAME one of those sweet little irresistible creations??  Not because I need to know (no, no, no), but because my friend just found out she is having a GIRL!  Oh bliss!

She didn't mention what you might win if your name is actually chosen, but she read my crazy mind-dump of a post a few days ago, and thought the moms out there would be the perfect ones to come to her aid.  Go ahead, give her your list!  Maybe we will come up with a prize for the longest list, so she will have more to choose from.

But you don't have to be a mom--anyone can join in!  My husband offered Tracy as his suggestion. Maybe that was as in, "Take my wife...please!"--but I think he was being sweet. ;-) He said she should avoid Broom Hilda (his version of Brunhilde), which we discovered in our own search for baby names is German for battle axe or something like that.

Note:  This photo is a sneak preview of the continuation of the "Ten Amazing Years" series, coming soon to a blog near you.  I know.  You're on the edge of your seat.


Kathy said...


Adorable picture!!

Tracy P. said...

Yea, Kathy! Thanks for the help. I was volunteering at school today and noticed a Sophie too--cute. Also:

Ahna (so that you get the pronunciation of the A is different from Anna--which I also love)
Alexa (Lexi for short)

A Thinker said...

Hi ladies - I'm the expectant Mommy in need of the name...

Sophie, Lauren and Chloe are on our list! You're on the right track!

I saw Liliane in a book today - thought that was nice. We have Lilian's in our family tree, so seeing a newer spelling of a classic was interesting. But also worry people would think it was pronounced lily-ann.

Keep 'em comin!