Sunday, January 27, 2008

Parlez vous?

About once every five years Lee decides to see if he can still cook.  Yesterday he had a hankerin' for some macaroni and spaghetti sauce.  He was reading the directions for the noodles and said, "For al dente pasta...what's al dente?"

To which Ben replied, "Dad, why don't you just read the directions in English?"


GardenGoose said...

LOL that's cute. hope he enjoyed his mac and sauce.

Tracy P. said...

Thanks for stopping by! He did--and he had to make enough to last him for several lunches to make it worthwhile. There is a reason that I do the cooking. :0)

A Thinker said...

Love Ben's answer...classic. How'd it turn out? Pasta and marinara sauce seems to be a guy thing. This is what my husband made himself for dinner every single night before we got married.

Tracy P. said...

That's my Ben--he's a kick in the pants.

Yeah, the first time I looked in Lee's bachelor fridge, I was amazed at how much was in there. But then I realized it was full of empty (or mostly) containers. I think he knew I was the one when I said, "You got a whole lotta nothin' in here!" :-)